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Meet our Scholars

Jacqueline Marte
Human Services, Springfield College
Class of 2012

Jackie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services at Springfield College, graduating magna cum laude due to her extraordinary final GPA of 3.89. This achievement topped off a tremendous tenure for Jackie in the One Family Scholars Program, during which time she also received her Associate of Science degree in Human Services from Northern Essex Community College. Jackie’s dedication to her field extends to her career choice: she works as a case manager for Greater Lawrence Family Health Center.

Natasha Similien
Health Careers, Roxbury Community College
Class of 2012

Natasha graduated from Roxbury Community College with an Associate's degree in Health Careers. She is continuing her education by pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene. In addition to planning for her future through education, Natasha’s dedication to fiscal responsibility is obvious to all those who know her. Holding a steady position at Massachusetts General Hospital as an Emergency Administrative Coordinator since 2006, Natasha is also continuously working to improve her financial future. After joining the One Family Scholars Program and meeting with a financial coach, Natasha was able to change her monthly family budget’s deficit into a surplus, as well as begin saving money each month. Natasha is driven to strive for financial success by her desire to provide a secure future for her two children.

Veronica Tavares
Nursing, Labouré College
Class of 2012

Graduating from Labouré College with her Associate's degree in Nursing, Veronica demonstrates her commitment to her goal of becoming a nurse in every aspect of her life. Working for the past two years in her field - at Bethel Family Medicine as a Medical Assistant - Veronica is constantly seeking out additional career opportunities in her field. She has attended multiple Lunch and Learn events hosted by One Family at employer sites, widening her network of industry contacts and making lasting connections.Veronica is so dedicated to her career path because of her two daughters. Veronica says that her nursing degree will allow her family "to be able to go without the worries of living paycheck to paycheck.”

Faith Mello
History, UMASS Dartmouth
Class of 2012

Faith earned her Bachelor's degree in History from UMass Dartmouth, where she held a spectacular GPA of 3.84. Academic excellence is nothing new for Faith, who attained her Associate's degree in Education from Bristol Community College in 2009 with a 3.92 final GPA. Beyond her stellar academic performance, Faith has demonstrated a commitment to her community through her strong leadership skills. Through the One Family Speakers’ Bureau, Faith was able to share her story and inspire her peers, including her classmates at Bristol Community College. Faith’s dedication to improving the world around her fit in perfectly with an amazing internship position she had at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Historical Commission, working to preserve and celebrate history. Faith is also a leader within her family, setting a wonderful example for her son.

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